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Vestax PMC-07Pro - Mixer DJ in 2 canale.

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Mixer DJ Vestax PMC-07Pro:

The PMC-07 Pro ISP opens the door to Quadraphonic performance.
Directed the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, this mixer features Quadraphonic (4 channel) output which allows DJs to expand their performance to a 3D level.


• Quadraphonic 4 channel output.

• Q4 stick controls the dimension of each input source among 4 speakers.

• Effect send jack and volume for each program

• All the features from the PMC-07 PRO.

The world"s first quadraphonic (4channel) output allows DJs to expand their performance to 3D level. Q-stick controls the imension of each input
source amongst four speakers. The beats and scratches fly around the room front, back, left and right. Effect send volume controls are provided to
each program. Effect return can be assigned to each program or the master enabling various flying effects. Effect return is also equipped with a dedicated two band
equalizer. Master trim volume lets DJs "Crab Scratch" on master fader. Crossfader and Inputfader status (reverse or normal) is indicated in meter section.
Input jacks are provided specially only for "SESSION IN" and "PHONO IN" which is required by I.S.P. A 3-band EQ is provided on each program.
The adjustment range(+6dB to -24dB) enables equalization and frequency elimination. Vestax invented the crossfader reverse switch and curve contorol and provided this
feature for input faders as well. All faders are "photo coupler" to provide quicker response and longevity. Master / Cue select switch is provided to enable monitoring of cue source or master output signal. Master output is equipped with balanced 1/4 inch connectors for accurate sound integrity and durability.
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Tip produsMixer DJ

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Vestax PMC-07Pro

Vestax PMC-07Pro

Vestax PMC-07Pro - Mixer DJ in 2 canale.
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