MediaLas SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B Laser club albastru


MediaLas SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B


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SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B este un laser de club cu putere de 250 mW, de culoare albastru, ce ofera control ILDA / Audio / Auto.

Unitate de vanzare: bucata

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Laser club albastru MediaLas SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B:

The SpookyBlue "Black Edition" DMX Laser Projector is one of the most compact and powerful DMX laser projectors in the world - Professionally developed by our engineers, with 128 pre programmed basic laser sequences and animations, from line to tunnel, from wave to explosions, fans and heavens, utopic flying saucers or light bursts. Selectable via 10 DMX-channels with various effect manipulation features. More than 70,000 laser animations available!

SpookyBlue "Black Edition" offers an extra integrated microphone for astonishing sound-to-laser effects. The beat mode can even be used during normal DMX operation. Example: You chose to project a laser tunnel via DMX, and select to zoom the tunnel up and down via automatic beat control. Or: You chose to project a laser heaven, and rotate the heaven by sound-to-laser to the music´.s beat.

Full laser blanking for multiple figures in one frame create brilliant effects and the powerful multi color DPSS lasers from 50mW to 250mW and up to 500mW blue, make the unit independant from ambient temperature. With it´.s very good beam quality, the SpookyBlue line sets itself apart from other cheap stepper motor projectors. The new SpookyBlue "Black Edition" comes along with an integrated power supply, to get rid of the external PSU unit. It runs from 100-240VAC, and integrates fully filtered switching power supply.

The new ACS-technology (analog continous surveillance) monitors the laser output at any time and switches off laser, if any problem is detected. Additionally, a separate processor monitors DMX line and switches off laser in case of failure.

Your SpookyBlue comes ready to go, and is fully plug and play compatible on any DMX line.


- 128 patterns.
- full DMX control.
- 10 DMX channels.
- Sound-to-Laser.
- Automatic mode.
- Modifiable effects.
- High-quality laser sources.
- Integatred DIN-Safety.
- Scanspeed up to 12,000pps.
- Laserclass 3B.

Vezi Specificatiile Tehnice
Numar canale DMX10
Putere laser250 mW
Culori laserAlbastru
Control laserDMX Audio Auto
Viteza de scanare12.000 pps
Unghi de scanare30° - 35°
Greutate2.5 kg
Dimensiuni310 x 140 x 105mm
Tip produsLaser club albastru

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MediaLas SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B

MediaLas SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B

SpookyBlue "Black Edition" 250B este un laser de club cu putere de 250 mW, de culoare albastru, ce ofera control ILDA / Audio / Auto.

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