MediaLas PowerMaXX 22 RGB Proiector laser grafic


MediaLas PowerMaXX 22 RGB


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Medialas PowerMaXX 22 RGB este un proiector laser grafic RGB, cu putere de 22 W, ce ofera control ILDA, DMX, LAN si are o viteza de scanare de 60.000 pps.

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Proiector laser grafic MediaLas PowerMaXX 22 RGB:

The new PowerMaXX HPL show laser projector targets the high end laser show market, with a tremendous quality and reliability. As all MediaLas projectors, the PowerMaXX is entirely designed, produced and assembled in Germany. Based on the new Coherent Taipan OPSL lasers, the PowerMaXX HPL offers an incredible beam quality and color matching. All PowerMaXX projectors offer a fully compatible ILDA interface connector, plus a full IEC scanfail safety board. Through the LAN interface, a full digital control is also available, which eliminates analog influences or noise.

The PowerMaXX HPL uses superior optical elements for low power losses and better efficiency. Since the sophisticated heat exchanger eliminates flooding of the optical section with dirty air, the PowerMaXX offers much better performances in both aspects: Good optical efficiency for higher brightness, and no air flow through the optical section. Therefore, the PowerMaXX can also be set up in dirty or humid environments.

All PowerMaXX HPL projectors do not require a regular service, and offer further productive features. High End laser deflection systems allow professional, and flicker free graphics with high resolution and precision. Targeting mirrors is easy!

The entire optical section of the PowerMaXX is closed, and shielded against external dirty and dusty air. While foggy or hazy air is contaminating the optical surfaces very rapidly, PowerMaXX is protected against any of these "show killers". No forced air, no fans, and no cooling is required inside the optical chamber. Against other low cost projectors, PowerMaXX incorporates a very efficiant heat exchanger, which eliminates the need for additional cooling. You can easily see this on the missing fans on the top of the projector chamber. The result is longer lifetime, and maintenance free operation.


- Laser Power real 10 - 22W RGB or single color green.
- HighEnd graphic galvo scanners from CTi.
- Air sealed optical section, no contamination of optical surfaces.
- Very high efficiency of optical elements.
- Premium class lasers "Coherent Taipan.
- Digital switching power supplies.
- Fully compatible ILDA connector.
- DMX controllable memory inside.
- NetPort LAN Interface for full digital control.
- Low noise air cooling.
- Low power consumption.
Vezi Specificatiile Tehnice
Putere laser22 W
Control laserILDA DMX LAN
Viteza de scanare60.000 pps
Tip scannerCTi
Unghi de scanare70° - 80°
Greutate34 kg
Dimensiuni455 x 250 x 295mm
Tip produsProiector laser grafic

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MediaLas PowerMaXX 22 RGB

MediaLas PowerMaXX 22 RGB

Medialas PowerMaXX 22 RGB este un proiector laser grafic RGB, cu putere de 22 W, ce ofera control ILDA, DMX, LAN si are o viteza de scanare de 60.000 pps.
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