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MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB

Laser club RGB ZD-02281

MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB

MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB

AttaXX 1.5 este un proiector laser grafic RGB cu putere de 1.5W si control ILDA / DMX /LAN.

Unitate de vanzare: bucata

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Acest produs nu are puncte de fidelitate.

MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB

AttaXX 1.5 este un proiector laser grafic RGB cu putere de 1.5W si control ILDA / DMX /LAN.

Unitate de vanzare: bucata

Acest produs nu are puncte de fidelitate.

Laser club RGB MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB:

AttaXX Showlaser Projectors are the most competitive laser projector from MediaLas! Full RGB projectors with sophisticated features and technology, at a very good price/feature relation! Made in Germany!

A high efficient heat exchanger covers the optics section from dust and dirt. Solely superior optical elements for low power losses and better efficiency are used. Very low noise air fans on side of the housing move silently a constant air flow through the heat exchanger, which can be cleaned easily by using forced air. The very low noise level is highly asked for theater, stages and TV studios. AttaXX offers much much better performance in both aspects: Good optical efficiency for higher brightness, and no air flow through the optical section. Therefore, the AttaXX can also be set up in dirty or humid environments.

As all MediaLas projectors, the AttaXX is entirely designed, produced and assembled in our own production facilities in Germany. Based on the same lasers as the famous Infinity projector, the AttaXX offers the same reliability and beam quality, but is reduced in terms of features. But even in the basic layout, all AttaXX projectors offer a fully compatible ILDA interface connector, plus a full IEC scanfail safety board. Optionally, an integration of our DMX memory board or additional LAN interface is available.

All AttaXX models can be serviced by a front service lid with easy access to all optical components. Additionally, each projection axis can be adjusted on the rear side in projection angle, and can be mirrored with separate switches, to adopt to any existing environment.


Control and interface

Each AttaXX laser projector includes a full ILDA connector interface, to be controlled with most existing interfaces on the market. In interaction with Mamba, AttaXX will be a very high quality show laser system at a very good price.

All signals can be adjusted in size and mirror, and the main signal can be routed to the next projector without using additional splitters or Y-cables.

Enclosed optical section

The entire optical section of the AttaXX is closed, and shielded against external dirty and dusty air. While foggy or hazy air is contaminating the optical surfaces very rapidly, AttaXX is protected against any of these "show killers". No forced air, no fans, and no cooling is required inside the optical chamber. Against other low cost projectors, AttaXX incorporates a very efficient heat exchanger, which eliminates the need for additional cooling. You can easily prove that fact by the missing fans on the projecotrs top chamber. The result is longer lifetime, and maintenance free operation.

Feature Overview:

- Laser Power real 1.5 - 10W.
- High speed graphic galvo scanners.
- Air sealed optical section, no contamination of optical surfaces.
- Very high efficiency of optical elements.
- First class lasers "Infinity Class".
- Digital switching power supplies.
- Fully compatible ILDA connector.
- Optional DMX memory board.
- Optional NetPort LAN Interface.
- Low noise air cooling.
- Low power consumption.

Upgrade Options

- Optional DMX memory board.
- Optional NetPort LAN interface board.
- CTi 60k High-Speed Galvos (60,000pps).

As an option, each AttaXX can be equipped with a DMX playback memory board, or the NetPort LAN interface. If NetPort is integrated, the control signal is routed through a 100MBit LAN line, instead of using the always fragile analog ILDA cables. On the internal memory card, additional shows can be uploaded, and selected via DMX signals. The total freedom is yours! The ILDA connector is still available, and is selected automatically, if an appropriate ILDA signal is given.

In addition, the TeraScan II galovs can be replaced by the faster and even more precise and exact CTi 60k galvos by cambridge Technology. The new maximum scan speed can rise up tp 60.000pps according to ILDA.

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Putere laser 1.5 W
Control laser ILDA DMX LAN
Viteza de scanare 45000 pps
Unghi de scanare 70°
Greutate 24 kg
Dimensiuni 455 x 260 x 210mm
Tip produs Laser club RGB

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MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB

MediaLas AttaXX 1.5 RGB

AttaXX 1.5 este un proiector laser grafic RGB cu putere de 1.5W si control ILDA / DMX /LAN.

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